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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alice in the Kitchen - Layout design


Emerson said...

the movie set layout is looking really good, june :D how are ya? can't wait to see you guys at workshop again.

emily barrera said...

They are awesooome!
June, good luck with your project!!
{ n _ n}

C.B. Canga said...


hey long time. didn't know you had a blog. very cool nice work as always. i will have to add your blog to my link list. how's it going? what have you been up too?


June Eunjung Kim said...

Thanks Thanks~~
I'm doing my thesis work right now.

Sylvia Jenstad said...

had to stop.... these layouts are great!.... I also love 'Family'.... really cool

June Eunjung Kim said...

:D Thanks

Preetha said...

wow, these are awesome Junee!!! love ur profile pic too;)

June Eunjung Kim said...

Oh~~~ Thank you my dear :D

Reem Ali-Adeeb said...

junoooooooooo those layouts r a kick ass
gooooood job
miss ya

June Eunjung Kim said...

Thank you Reemooooo!!
Miss you too rafeety!!

Mitra said...

June these are SO AWESOMEEEE!!!!!

Alfredo said...

Great work! June!!

these is really cool!!

keep doing more of these!

is great to see you have been also adding color!

keep the good work!



Sonia Gaud said...